What are your disinfection procedures?

At South Shore Spa, Inc., we practice high standards of disinfection procedures as indicated by the Halton Health Board’s disinfection procedures. All metal implements used for each services are washed with soap and water, then disinfected for 20 minutes using Accel CS 20 High Level Disinfectant. All tools are then rinsed, dried and sealed in a sterilization pouch, ensuring each client receives the most sanitary experience. Clients will have the option to take with them the file and buffer, otherwise they are disposed since we do not re-use them.

How do you sterilize your facility?

To minimize the risk of infections, fungus, or skin diseases, our pedicure sinks are a pipeless system. The GeniJet Systems utilizes the pipeless technology, which prevents bacteria growth and eliminates any bio-film build-up. In between clients the pedicure whirlpool baths and jet are scrubbed and rinsed with clean water. Then we fill up the whirlpool baths with water and bleach, and run the jet to disinfect for 10-15 minutes. Once completed we drain and rinse with clean water and follow up with a final spray of alcohol.

Why do you collect health information?

By collecting your health information we are better able to promote a safe and healthy environment for our guests and to provide continuity of information from one visit to the next. This will also allow us to customize treatments to your individual needs, especially if there are any medical issues or allergies that we need to abstain from for certain products or services. This information also provides the ground works for our partnership as we work together to give you the best results possible.