The Skin Journey: Part 2

Think facials are a luxury? Not when you love the sun!

Have you ever had a facial? Does it sometimes feel like you still look the same except now you have messier hair? So why even get facials?

Let’s look at skin health like we do with oral health. You have to brush your teeth everyday, and make follow up appointments to keep your oral health in check. Some people have more issues with cavities, some with their gums, and some come to maintain general oral health. As the largest organ of the body, we must care for our skin as regularly as the rest of our body.

As we get older, our cellular turnover rates slows down and external factors (i.e. Sun, pollution, free radicals) damage our cells, requiring us to care for our skin on a daily basis. If you love the sun, or used to bath in oil with a reflector back in the day, then you definitely need the healing touch of a medical aesthetician.

Whether the sun is out or not, your skin is being damaged by the UVA/UVB rays which starts the aging process. Sun damage results in brown spots, wrinkles, loose skin, dryness and can even cause moles and freckles to appear-which should be checked for skin cancer (dermatologist).

If you love the sun or want to slow down the ageing process, regular facials need to be a part of your health care. By having regular facials your skin therapist will rejuvenate your skin with a treatment that will clean deep into your pores, normalize and nourish your skin and prescribe the best way for you to maintain your skin type at home.

Regular facial treatments with a home care regime with active ingredients will keep you looking younger than you realize. Use facials as your secret weapon to healthier, brighter looking skin.

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